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It Comes to Mind: 9/11

Why do traumatic events cause us to freeze in time? Everyone that experienced 9/11 twenty years ago remembers where they were and what they were doing. It’s etched into our minds with indelible ink. During that time I was teaching at two different schools. I taught 7th and 8th grade drama in the mornings andContinue reading “It Comes to Mind: 9/11”

God Whispers: Home

We married off another son last weekend. It was a sweltering Southern August afternoon outdoors in Mississippi. The wedding was a small gathering. The bride was running a bit late and between the heat and anxiety we were all a bit frayed. However, the moment that that bride began to climb the stairs all anxietyContinue reading “God Whispers: Home”

God Whispers: Watch and Listen

As I think back about meetings that I was a part of during my time as a school administrator, some make me cringe but others fill me with a great satisfaction. One day I witnessed trust. Someone trusted me unconditionally. Someone that looks different from me. Someone from a different background. During a most uncomfortableContinue reading “God Whispers: Watch and Listen”

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