It Comes to Mind: Containing our Excitement

The excitement was in the air. The conversation was all abuzz last night at church. Vacation Bible School was winding down and children were everywhere. Parents were happily dropping off their children for a few hours of respite. However, the prevailing conversation wasn’t about the Bible or salvation or Jesus. The conversation was about sports.Continue reading “It Comes to Mind: Containing our Excitement”

It Comes to Mind: Words Matter

I have inherited from my mother the uncanny ability to remember specific spoken words from specific moments in time, even years after the event. Some spoken words were encouraging, but most were not. We seem to feel the lingering effects of those negative moments. Recently I was with a group of ladies who meet togetherContinue reading “It Comes to Mind: Words Matter”

It Comes to Mind: 9/11

Why do traumatic events cause us to freeze in time? Everyone that experienced 9/11 twenty years ago remembers where they were and what they were doing. It’s etched into our minds with indelible ink. During that time I was teaching at two different schools. I taught 7th and 8th grade drama in the mornings andContinue reading “It Comes to Mind: 9/11”

God Whispers: Watch and Listen

As I think back about meetings that I was a part of during my time as a school administrator, some make me cringe but others fill me with a great satisfaction. One day I witnessed trust. Someone trusted me unconditionally. Someone that looks different from me. Someone from a different background. During a most uncomfortableContinue reading “God Whispers: Watch and Listen”

God Whispers: O Say, Can You See?

As I was going through an old box of papers I came across a persuasive paper that I typed (yes, with a typewriter!) in college that was written prior to the celebration of the bi-centennial of our nation. The title of my paper was “1776-1976: The Extinction of Patriotism.” While some of the points madeContinue reading “God Whispers: O Say, Can You See?”

God Whispers: Giving to Others

So I finally approached the day that we all look forward to. Retirement. I submitted all the paperwork. I informed my employers of my decision. I shared the news with my family. Twenty eight years in the field of education. Eighteen years in the same district. My husband was ecstatic since I would be joiningContinue reading “God Whispers: Giving to Others”